AS2870 – 2011, Residential Slabs and Footings

Jan Mikucki & Peter Mitchell

What should the geotechnical profession know about the changes in the Code?

The Code gives references to parties their functions and responsibilities to using the code. An example is the Classifier and Qualified Engineer. Reference is made to role of Engineering Geologists and Geotechnical Engineers.

To understand the responsibilities of the qualified engineers using the code, the objective of the Code is needed to be understood and its relevant contents. A review will be made of the Scope, Site Classification, example of a Site Investigation for a Classification, estimation of the Characteristic Surface Movement, excavations and filling, Site Investigation requirements, Design by Engineering Principles, requirements in Aggressive soils, Deep footings requiring Geotechnical Site Investigations, Driven Piles, Screw Piles and a Guide to Design of Footings for trees.

Speaker biographies

The presenters Dr Peter Mitchell (Aurecon) and Jan Mikucki (FMG Engineering) have a combined 75 years of practice in this field. Both have been authors for over 125 thousand reports requiring drilling and logging of subsurface soils and recommendations including site classifications and recommendations on preparations of foundations and footings selections.

Peter and Jan are active members of the Footings Group Committee with Peter past Chairperson and Jan current Chairperson. The committee was involved in the review of the 2011 draft and contributed to the original 1986 copy. Peter and Jan are also active members of the Australian Geomechanics Society with Peter once a Chairperson and Jan currently on the committee.

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