Collapsing Soils from Australia and Thailand

Dr. Don Cameron, Dr. Mark Jaksa, and Dr. Peter Mitchell

The presentation defined the nature of collapsing soils and how such soils may be identified. Case studies of the unwanted effects of such soils on buildings were presented. The composition and comparative behaviour of four collapsing soils were discussed, one of the soils being a red brown loess from Thailand. The remaining soils were from regional areas of South Australia. The one-dimensional collapse potential of each soil was reviewed and the potential for chemical soil stabilization is raised. The three presenters spoke for about 20-25 minutes each, with discussions and question time afterwards. Dr. Mitchell outlined soil types that are collapsing, explained the mechanism for soil collapse, and described how engineers can treat collapsing soil or allow for its effect in footing design. Dr. Jaksa discussed a tragic example associated with collapsing soils in South Australia. Future research on these soils was also presented.

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