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Cracking and Movements in Buildings – Design Consideration

Footings Group

With the advent of the AS2870-2011 code release, Climatic changes and reported Residential Roof Truss movements, the following presentations will discuss Footing Design considerations to minimise cracking and movements in buildings.

  • Fill Reactivity by Dr Peter Mitchell (Aurecon)
    Peter will discuss soil heaves considering a Black Earth site with 2m cut and controlled fill. The methods now mandatory by AS2870-2011 significantly increases soil movements for footings designs.
  • Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) Construction of Buildings in Flood Hazard Areas version 2012.1 (draft). Australian Government and States and Territories of Australia.
    Peter will discuss parts of the Draft with illustrated analysis calculations for two severe edge heave soil profiles involving soil heave at house edges as consequence of wetting on reactive soils.
  • Tolerable Movements with Trusses by Rex Gibbs (Factor Consulting Engineers)
    Movements to Buildings have been reported and investigated due to Roof Trusses and Footing System Interactions. Rex will present on his observations and discuss the movements and comment on Deflection Limits.
  • Report on update of AS2870-2011 publication on minor errors relevant for notice and update on 2008 Special Provisions for the Design of Residential Slabs and Footings for South Australian Conditions. Presented by Jan Mikucki (FMG Engineering)
    Any errors or comments on code and provisions please send to [email protected] for the Footings Group Committee to review.

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