Deconstructing Engineering Geological Models

Dr Fred Baynes


The use of engineering geological models to manage risks and facilitate project success is becoming increasingly common, but the rules for creating effective models are as yet unclear.  Projects are now challenged by factors ranging from climate change to political uncertainty and so there is an increasing need to elucidate those rules – so that the models we use can be continuously improved.  By deconstructing a variety of geological models it is possible to establish some of the basic rules and the internal architecture of effective engineering geological models.  By establishing these rules and expressing them logically they can be applied efficiently on all sorts of projects, hopefully to increase our chances of project success.

About Dr Fred BaynesFBaynes

Dr Fred Baynes was educated in the UK where he obtained a BSc in geology from Bristol University, an MSc in engineering geology from Imperial College and a PhD from Newcastle University. After working for a site investigation contractor in the UK he emigrated to Australia in 1980 where he has worked as an engineering geologist for contractors, consultants and utilities.

Dr Baynes is now an independent consultant engineering geologist based in Australia and provides advice to major projects in the civil, mining and oil and gas sectors throughout the world. He regularly teaches engineering geology to both undergraduates and to provide professional development courses for practitioners.

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