Deep Foundations, Excavations, and Retaining Walls in South Australia

We are all aware that much of the soil in the greater Adelaide Metropolitan area excavated for deep foundations, excavations and retaining walls is unsaturated clay. The strength, stiffness and volume of these clays are greatly influenced by their suction which, in turn, is affected by environmental conditions. These characteristics necessitate a different approach to site investigation, laboratory testing, analysis of test data and design to that used in many other regions. The first session of the seminar will be a two hour workshop at which a series of draft guidelines for carrying out these activities in the Adelaide area will be introduced. The workshop will feature a series of presentations on the guidelines, will show examples of their use and will include a discussion session to obtain feedback on the recommendations. As the authors of the guidelines intend to finalise them early in 2008 and publish them, this workshop provides a great opportunity to improve our practice and contribute to future developments in this area. The guidelines will be circulated a month prior to the seminar to enable attendees to go through them.

Over the last few years there have been many big projects in SA involving deep foundations, excavations and retaining walls. Much has been learned from these projects. The second session for the seminar will provide a great opportunity for us to learn from those involved in these projects.

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