Developments in Transportation Geotechnics

Various Speakers

The purpose of this seminar is to inform engineers about developments in geotechnical investigation and design for major projects. In accepting our invitation to open this seminar Luigi Rossi, Director of the South Road Superway project, writes:

“I started working for the Highways Department constructing the Swanport Bridge in 1978. Since that time I have managed some of the most complex and significant projects undertaken by DTEI, including the Crafers Freeway and Tunnel, the Northern Expressway, and now the South Road Superway. I have also worked in road design, transport planning, materials investigation and pavement design. All this has reinforced my belief in the importance of rigorous and thorough geotechnical investigation for successful delivery of transport infrastructure. Geotechnical investigation is critical at every stage of a project, thorough investigations during planning ensure your project plan is developed cognisant of risk and required changes, during design it ensures you achieve optimum outcomes for form and function, and during construction it ensures your project is delivered safely, on time and on budget as you minimise the risks of delays.”

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