Engineering Characteristics of Interesting South Australian Soils – Woomera, St Kilda And Glanville Formations (Joint Meeting with the S.A. Footings Group)

Don Richardson, Tony Belperio, and Roger Grounds

Woomera: The soil conditions of the Woomera area are a reminder that every project requires a site specific geotechnical investigation. Don Richardson discussed interesting aspects of ground engineering in the Woomera area, such as gilgai formations, gypsum, soil suction and ground movements.

St Kilda and Glanville Formations (Geology): Tony Belpirio discussed the geological characteristics of these formations. Two dominant associations within the formations reflect the high wave energy (beach/dune) versus low wave energy (samphire/mangrove/sandflat) coastal environments that produced them. The latter environment, significant under much of the northwestern Adelaide metrapolitan area, has led to the formations having highly variable geotechnical characteristics that are significant for development and other land use issues.

St Kilda and Glanville Formations (Geotechnical): Roger Grounds discussed the geotechnical engineering characteristics of these formations at several sites in the Port Adelaide area. A summary of the key geotechnical issues to be considered in design were also presented.

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