Enhanced Natural Biodegradation (ENB) of Diesel Contaminants at the Mile End Railyards

Craig Barker

One of the largest “design and construct” above ground bio-remediation projects implemented in Australia has been completed recently at the former Mile End rail-yards site, Adelaide. A total of 8,000m3 of diesel and oil impacted soil was successfully treated using the ENB process. This process involved the growth stimulation of naturally occurring aerobic micro-organisms and the controlled addition of oxygen, soil moisture and nutrients. Petroleum hydrocarbon compounds were broken down as a food source to produce carbon dioxide, water and organic salts. Work involved initial treatability testing, soil excavation and conditioning with the final construction of specifically designed active aeration treatment piles. Soils were successfully remediated to contract clean up levels within a 7 month period following performance monitoring and statistical soil validation sampling and testing.

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