Geophysics in Engineering Site Characterisation

Zivko Terzic and Oleg Ermakov

This presentation will inform the attendees (engineers, researchers and students) about the state of the art techniques, processes and applications of Geophysics in geotechnical and seismic characterization of project sites. The speakers will present some case studies of Australian and international projects where Geophysical investigations were utilized to aid understanding and provided input into major design works.

About the speakers

Zivko Terzic Principal Geophysicist/Consultant, GHD

Zivko is a Geophysicist with over 19 years’ of geophysics data collection, data management, integrated processing, interpretation and reporting, marketing, project management and delivery experience. He has been involved in interstate and overseas geophysical surveys, including the application of seismic acquisition, data processing and interpretation for dams, road and infrastructure projects. Zivko has extensive experience in MASW, seismic refraction, shallow seismic reflection, ERI, microgravity and Seismicity related geophysics projects.

Oleg Ermakov Geophysicist, GHD

Oleg has more than 8 years of working experience in geophysics industry, with a number of field geophysical projects for oil and gas exploration as QC Geophysicist in Russia. He has strong knowledge on geophysics field work including: seismic reflection infield data processing, seismic refraction data processing, interpretation and reporting, experience in 2D and 3D seismic reflection survey design. Recent Australian experience includes near surface seismic survey projects where he was responsible for data acquisition and interpretation of both surface and borehole seismic projects.

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