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Workshop on Intelligent Compaction

Dr George Chang - Keynote Presenter

AGS QLD, the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) & Monash University invite you to attend the 1st Australian workshop on Intelligent Compaction (IC).

This highly interactive workshop will be led by a global leader in the IC technologies field – Dr. George Chang – and aims to bring together industry participants from Australia and overseas to dissect the innovative technology.

About Intelligent Compaction

Intelligent Compaction (IC) refers to the compaction of road construction materials – including a full range of natural soils, fills, aggregate or asphalt pavement materials – via use of modern vibratory rollers equipped with an integrated measurement system, an onboard computer reporting system, Global Positioning System (GPS) based mapping, and optional feedback control. Rollers instrumented with IC technologies facilitate real-time comparative compaction monitoring and timely adjustments to the compaction process by integrating measurement, documentation, and control systems. IC rollers also maintain a continuous record measured stiffness / compaction, allowing the user to view plots of the precise location of the roller, the number of roller passes completed, and material stiffness measurement during each roller pass – information that can either be utilised during live compaction work or to add to QA documentation.

Achieving adequate and uniform compaction is one of the most important requirements in roadway construction, as the installed state of the construction material will dictate their long-term performance. Conventional compaction procedures may result in inadequate and/or non-uniform material compaction, whilst the industry standard of spot density testing for QA requirements does not guarantee such defects are adequately identified at the time of construction.

IC technologies helps users overcome this issue by optimising the compaction process. As the compaction methodology that results in optimum support, stability, and strength of specific road construction materials is complex and often varies the improved test coverage and near-instantaneous availability of results offered by IC instrumented plant has the potential to significantly aid the uniformity achieved by the applied material compaction processes.

For more information refer Intelligent Compaction website (

Dr George Chang – Keynote Presenter

Dr George Chang is the Director of Research at Transtec Group and President of International Intelligent Technologies Group (IICTG,

Having lead the US national deployment effort of IC technologies with the FHWA since 2007 and developed / edited many ASTM and AASHTO standards on the topic, Dr Chang is recognised as the expert on Intelligent Compaction. Through his research, teaching, specification development and software tools, he has helped made significant technology advancements in the IC field. Dr Chang has been both the principal investigator for numerous projects that have enhanced pavement materials / structures, whilst also being the author of over 50 professional publications and 100+ technical reports that detail his extensive research work.

Dr Chang has delivered intelligent compaction / construction related workshops around the world via his recognised energetic and lively teaching style, and been the recipient of numerous prestigious honours for his outstanding contribution to the IC technologies field.

Workshop Goals

The workshop aims to allow participates to:

  • Develop an understanding of IC technologies, and the opportunities (and limitations) it presents to earthworks and pavement construction projects
  • Raising awareness of Intelligent Compaction (research projects and implementation by industry)
  • Networking opportunity for those interested in Intelligent Compaction (especially in Australasia)

Workshop Program (Draft)

(Attendees at this workshop are not required to have any prior experience or any assumed knowledge relating to IC technologies)

What is Intelligent Compaction and what benefits does it bring?

(Keynote Address – Dr George Chang)

  • Introduction to Intelligent Compaction (IC) technologies
  • Potential applications and benefits to road surfacing materials (Asphalt)
  • Potential applications and benefits to soils (Subgrade / Sub-Base / Base / General Fill)

State of the Art update – What is happening around the globe with Intelligent Compaction?

  • USA / North America
  • Europe & Asia
  • Australasian Region Projects – New Zealand (case study) and Australia (case study)
  • Overview of key IC roller manufacturers & variation within branded IC systems
  • Typical IC Software Integration of IC monitoring with Geographic Information Systems (case study)
  • Specifications for IC and integration of IC products with QA specifications for monitoring of achieved insitu compaction

What are the challenges associated with implementation of IC Technologies?

(Dr George Chang)

  • What can we learn from the USA implementation experiences to date?
  • Shortcomings / limitations of Intelligent Compaction

Introduction to the Monash University Intelligent Compaction Centre of Excellence Research Hub

  • Objectives / Goals of IC Centre of Excellence
  • Status of Hub & Key Personnel involved to date
  • How to become involved

Panel Discussion – How to move forward with Intelligent Compaction implementation in Australia

Panellists’ to include representatives from Road Authorities, ARRB, AAPA, Contractors, Roller Manufacturers & Consultants


Venue location

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