Key Observations and Findings on Liquefaction Impacts in the 2010-2011 Christchurch Earthquakes

Professor Misko Cubrinovski

In 2010-2011, a series of strong earthquakes hit Christchurch, New Zealand, generating widespread liquefaction over nearly half of the city area.
Observations from well-documented case histories and comprehensive follow-on research studies are used to discuss key observations and findings on the impacts of liquefaction in these earthquakes. Impacts of urban liquefaction, effects of liquefaction on buildings on shallow foundations, characteristics of lateral spreading, liquefaction-induced damage to bridges, and system response of liquefiable deposits are discussed.

The objective of the talk is to use key observations and findings on soil liquefaction to scrutinize state-of-the-practice and discuss implications for engineering assessment and design.

About the speaker

Professor Misko Cubrinovski Professor of Geotechnical and Earthquake Engineering, University of Canterbury, Christchurch

Misko Cubrinovski is Professor of Geotechnical and Earthquake Engineering in the Department of Civil and Natural Resources Engineering, University of Canterbury, Christchurch. He holds a BSc degree in Civil Engineering, MSc degree in Earthquake Engineering, and a PhD degree in Geotechnical Engineering (from the University of Tokyo, 1993). His career involves 37 years of work in the academia and the profession including seven years in Macedonia, 15 years in Japan, and 15 years in New Zealand.

His research interests and expertise are in geotechnical earthquake engineering and in particular problems associated with soil liquefaction, seismic response of earth structures and soil-structure interaction. Cubrinovski has authored or co-authored over 350 technical publications and worked as a geotechnical specialist and advisor on over 50 significant engineering projects. His honours include the Ralph B. Peck Award (ASCE), Geomechanics Lecture Award (NZGS), Norman Medal (ASCE), Outstanding Paper Award (ASCE), Outstanding Paper Award (EERI), Director’s Award of Taisei Corporation (Tokyo, Japan), Ivan Skinner Award (NZSEE) and ANZ Joint Societies Award. Cubrinovski is a Faculty Member of the international postgraduate programme in Earthquake Engineering at the Rose School, Pavia, Italy, and Fellow of the University of Tokyo. He is the current chair of the Technical Committee on Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering and Associated Problems (TC203) of ISSMGE.

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