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Digital Photogrammetry, a Practical Tool for the Modern Geotechnical Practitioner – Applications for Mining and Civil Geotechnics

Peter Booth


Digital photogrammetry is revolutionizing the task of remote geotechnical mapping of jointed rock masses and has greatly increased in popularity and sophistication in recent years for this application. Less well known however, are the many other applications of this technology for geotechnical engineering and associated fields, including landslide mapping, slope monitoring, geological mapping, tunnel mapping and survey, terrestrial and aerial topographic survey, and as-built survey of geotechnical and civil works.

When compared with traditional outcrop mapping methods, photogrammetry offers benefits in time, safety, coverage and volume of data. In comparison to the alternative technology of laser scanning, photogrammetry can deliver equivalent or better results in terms of range, accuracy and data resolution, and it places the data acquisition instrument (a digital camera) in the hands of the engineer or geologist rather than the surveyor.

This presentation aims to provide an understanding of the basic principles of digital photogrammetry and its many applications to remote data acquisition for mining and civil geotechnics.


Peter Booth is a Senior Engineering Geologist with Golder Associates in Brisbane, and has over 19 years of diverse geotechnical experience. He has been part of multi-disciplinary teams for a range of project types, including surface and underground mining, civil tunnelling and infrastructure. His key areas of focus have included geotechnical site investigation, rock mass characterization, rock slope stability assessment, rock slope support and remediation design, geotechnical design for civil tunnelling, 3-D geological and geotechnical modelling using the Vulcan software package, and photogrammetry applications using the 3DM Analyst Mine Mapping system (including aerial, terrestrial and underground applications).

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