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Use of onshore test sites for developing soil characterisation methods and verifying foundation solutions

Tom Lunne, Technical Expert, Norwegian Geotechnical Institute

About the presentation

For more than 50 years, the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI) has actively used onshore test sites for both Consulting and Research & Development (R&D) work. Whilst most of the test sites have consisted of soft clays, other soils such as over-consolidated clays, silts, sands and permafrost have also been represented. The sites have been used for the verification and improvement of foundation solutions, such as embankments for onshore applications and bucket foundations for offshore applications. In addition, the sites have been used extensively for the improvement of equipment and procedures for in situ testing, sampling and laboratory testing. The results of the in situ and laboratory tests have also provided important input for the development of correlations that can be used by engineers for the derivation of soil design parameters. Examples will be provided as part of this presentation.

Most of the test sites used in the past have now been fully utilised, and it is very good news that the Norwegian Research Council has granted NGI and four partners (including two universities, one R&D organisation and a Highways department) funding to establish five new test sites that are to be operational for 20 years.

As part of the new 3-year “GeoTest Site” project, an international network will be established and workshops and conferences will be arranged. Australian partner(s) will be invited to participate.

About Tom Lunne

Tom Lunne is a Technical Expert at NGI. He has been involved in numerous Consulting and R&D projects involving soil characterisation. His key interests include interpretation of in situ tests (especially the CPTU), evaluation and improvement of sample quality and the optimal use of advanced laboratory tests.

He has been a member of ISO committees for more than 30 years, preparing standards on CPT/CPTU and marine soil Investigations. He is also co-author of the text book, “Cone Penetration Testing in Geotechnical Practice”, with Peter Robertson and John Powell.

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