The role of testing for pile design in Australia

Professor Barry Lehane


This presentation examines some implications of the recent (2009) edition of the Australian Piling Standard (AS2159) on the design of piles in Australia. The relative benefits of static and dynamic testing are reviewed and their contribution to reliability is assessed and compared with partial factors recommended by AS2159 (2009).

Information from a range case histories (taken from the author’s recent experiences) is provided to highlight areas of potential concern related to current practice.


Professor Barry Lehane has 30 years experience as a geotechnical practitioner and academic. He has been the deputy head of the School of Civil & Resource Engineering at the University of Western Australia since 2005 and is technical and researcher leader in geotechnics for Arup Australasia.

He leads his own research group at UWA and has published over 200 papers in international journals and at international conferences. Barry has a wealth of practical experience, both nationally and internationally, and is frequently called upon to provide advice on major projects around the world.

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