PFAS – Containing The Problem

Daniel Gibbs

The presentation will focus on the PFAS Problem outlining Geofabrics research and findings regarding geosynthetics options for containment in landfill repositories. Geofabrics has undertaken long-term durability testing and along with academic research, assessed the chemistry of different types of PFAS found in landfill leachates tested. Geofabrics has evaluated current containment and treatment products and how they perform when in contact with PFAS. Consequent findings has lead to the development and introduction of an Australian made Geofabrics product, Sorbseal – a hybrid GCL AND PFAS attenuation layer for use in landfill storage and contaminated sites.

SORBSEAL® is a hybrid geosynthetic clay liner designed as a hydraulic barrier to liquid contaminants, using bentonite and powdered activated carbon to trap and seal dangerous chemicals away. SORBSEAL® lays at the base of, and over contaminated landfill sites like a blanket to stop it leaking out and contaminating the environment around it.

About the speaker

Daniel Gibbs General Manager Technical, Research and Innovation, Geofabrics

Daniel Gibbs is the General Manager of Technical, Research and Innovation at Geofabrics’ Centre for Geosynthetic Research, Innovation and Development (GRID) based on the Gold Coast (QLD). He has more than 20 years of combined quality management, research, method development, auditing, innovation, and analytical techniques in Pharmaceuticals and Geosynthetics, has authored/co-authored multiple research papers on Geosynthetics and is an active member of various professional bodies including ASTM Committees D35 on Geosynthetics and D18 on Soil and Rock and The Australian Chapter of the International Geosynthetics Society (ACIGS).

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