Engineers Australia

Pit Slope Design for Clermont Coal Mine, Central Queensland

Joe Gough

Rio Tinto Coal Australia began mining operations at its Clermont Coal Mine in the first half of this year but coal will not be uncovered until 2010 making this a mammoth box-cut in the first two years of the mine’s operation.

Since discovery of coal in the Wolfang Basin in 1979, the Clermont Project has been slow to advance to mining through a combination of difficult geological and hydrogeological conditions and the proximity of Blair Athol Mine with more accessible coal of similar quality.

The purpose of this talk will be to provide a brief overview of the project history and expected outcomes from the mining venture followed by a not-too-detailed look at the influence of the site’s geology and hydrogeology on the design of pit slopes. The presentation is based mainly on the results of the geotechnical component of the 2007 Pre-Production Drilling Programme undertaken by RTCA.

Being the last AGS technical presentation for a year in which most geotechnical practitioners have questioned their vocation, the content will be not too heavy and not too long!!

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