Recent applications of the “square” impact roller

Derek Avalle, Technical Manager Broons Hire (SA) Pty Ltd

Impact roller technology has been available in Australia since 1985, and it has found use in a wide range of applications. Examples of some of these show the breadth of innovative projects and how the Australian civil and geotechnical fraternity have embraced the concept. More recent applications in the mining sector and on large-scale earthworks projects have resulted in the development of wider and heavier units, and four models of the “square” impact roller are now available. The use of impact rollers on projects in the Middle East is the main focus of this presentation. Construction of a huge new international airport in Doha, Qatar, by reclamation and filling over 22 square kilometres, has utilised a fleet of 8t and 12t impact rollers since the first quarter of last year. Another project in Doha using impact rollers for the earthworks, the prestigious residential development known as the “Pearl of the Gulf”, involves reclamation works to develop islands incorporating marinas, 5-star hotels, apartments and villas, as well as private islands. More recently still, this year, an “square” impact roller has commenced work on port facilities in Dubai, UAE, in conjunction with deep ground improvement by vibro-floatation.

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