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Seminars on Landslide Risk Management

Landslide Roadshow

In March 2000, the paper “Landslide Risk Management Concepts and Guidelines” was published in the journal Australian Geomechanics. The paper provides a benchmark for the terminology and methodology of Landslide Risk Management.

The Coroner’s report on the 1997 Thredbo landslide recommended adoption of the paper. Emergency Management Australian (EMA) have identified the AGS 2000 Guidelines as part of the emergency planning and management strategy in their Guidelines for Emergency Management Practice.

Adoption of the AGS 2000 Guidelines requires some knowledge and understanding of the concepts. Landslide risk assessment requires input from trained and experienced practitioners in landsliding and slope processes, usually being geotechnical engineers and engineering geologists. Local authorities who receive landslide risk assessments need to understand the basis of the assessment and the implication of the acceptance of the risk that has been identified by the assessment and the management options proposed. Civil and structural engineers, who design stabilisation works for the management options also need to be aware of the methodology adopted. The seminars are intended to demonstrate how the concepts and guidelines may be used.

EMA have sponsored the seminars which will be presented at locations around Australia. The seminars will briefly outline the AGS 2000 paper and then present a number of case history type papers demonstrating how the methodology has been applied to “real” problems.

Who Should Attend: Geotechnical engineers, engineering geologists, land use planners, representatives from government at all levels responsible for accepting and/or implementing development in areas where landslide risk is a factor, civil and structural engineers, risk managers, emergency managers.

Engineers Australia members participating in AGS technical sessions can record attendance on their personal CPD logs. Members should refer to Engineers Australia CPD policy for details on CPD types, requirements and auditing guidelines.