Site Visit: Southern Expressway

Stephen Becket and Roger Grounds

Stage 2 will extend the Southern Expressway by 12 kms from Reynella at the northern end, to Main South Roan at the southern end. Completion, at a cost of $76.5 million, will allow traffic to bypass 15 sets of traffic lights thereby saving 10 minutes in travel time. The Expressway includes 2 lanes, a stopping lane and connections at Sherriffs, Beach and Main South Roads. Nine significant road bridges, 5 pedestrian/cyclist bridges and culverts have been built including the 140m long bridge over Grant Road Creek and the 50m long bridge over Sherriffs Road. Construction has involved moving 2 million tonnes of earth, installing 10km of stormwater pipework, developing stormwater ponds and wetlands and planting 60,000 trees. It will deliver significant economic benefits to Adelaide and the southern suburbs including reduced travel times, reduced congestion, reduced pollution, reduced operating costs and reduced crash costs. All this makes the Southern Expressway a very significant project for Adelaide and a fitting one for this year’s AGS site visit.

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