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Soil and Rock Logging Course – AS1726 Geotechnical Site Investigations

Various speakers

The Western Australian Chapter of the Australian Geomechanics Society (AGS) provides notice of a course to be held on Soil and Rock Logging. The course will aim to educate geotechnical engineers, geologists, geotechnicians and other relevant professionals in logging and/or interpreting soil and rock logs in accordance with AS1726 – Geotechnical Site Investigations.

The course will be presented over a full day with a keynote address from a preeminent industry leader followed by theoretical training on the finer points of AS1726. This will be followed by a hands-on practical session where course participants will work in small groups to apply the theory and log real soil and rock samples under the guidance and instruction of experienced industry professionals. Upon completion of the logging exercise, the answers will be revealed and the floor will be open to discussion.

A field trip is planned for the following day to visit sites around Perth, to observe real exposures of soil and rock. Once again, course participants will have the opportunity to log these exposures as practical training, with guidance and instruction from experienced industry professionals.

This course is aimed at educating the profession and is particularly relevant to geotechnical and mining consultants, geotechnical contractors and laboratory geotechnicians and other professionals (i.e. civil and structural engineers) that find themselves having to log and/or interpret soil and rock logs as part of their jobs. The course content assumes each participant has a basic understanding of logging and is likely to be most relevant to professionals just starting their careers through to senior level professionals wanting to brush up on their knowledge of AS1726.

To maintain and increase the effectiveness of the course and planning the logistics for the site visit, the total number of participants will be restricted to 50 on a ‘first-come’ basis. We encourage participants to register early to avoid disappointment.

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