Soil & Rock Logging Course – AS1726 Geotechnical Site Investigations

Fred Baynes

This one day course will aim to educate geotechnical engineers, geologists, geo‐technicians and other relevant professionals in logging and/or interpreting soil and rock logs in accordance with AS1726 – Geotechnical Site Investigations.

This course is aimed at educating the profession and is particularly relevant to geotechnical and mining consultants, geotechnical contractors and laboratory geo‐technicians and other professionals (i.e. civil and structural engineers) that find themselves having to log and/or interpret soil and rock logs as part of their jobs. The course content assumes each participant has a basic understanding of logging. Local soils (red brown earths, black earths, estuarine muds and sands, collapsing soils) and rocks (quaternary and tertiary aged) will be a particular focus of this workshop, whereby attendees will be able to compare their logging skills against samples that have been tested in the laboratory (e.g. particle size distribution, Atterberg limit, instability index), making this an ideal refresher course for experienced professionals wanting to brush up on their knowledge of AS1726, as well as young professionals just starting their careers.

The course will be presented over a full day with a keynote address from a pre‐eminent industry leader that will include theoretical training on the finer points of AS1726. This will be followed by a hands‐on practical session where course participants will work in small groups to apply the theory and log real soil and rock samples under the guidance and instruction of the lead presenter and at least three other experienced industry professionals with extensive local knowledge. Upon completion of the logging exercise, the ‘answers’ will be revealed and the floor will be open to discussion.

It is unlikely that this course will be held in Adelaide for at least the next 4 years so please complete the attached registration form by July 31st 2013 to secure your place at this course.

The Presenter

Fred Baynes is a consultant engineering geologist who works on major civil, mining and oil and gas projects around the world. Fred was educated in the UK, immigrated to Australia in 1980 and has worked for contractors, consultants and utilities.

He is based in Perth, Western Australia, and is a general practitioner with a field bias who has been involved in the investigation, design, construction and operation of a wide range of projects including dams, hydro‐electric plants, mines and associated infrastructure, quarries, oil and gas processing plants, roads, railways, pipelines, ports, offshore structures, tailings storage facilities, landfills and geohazard assessments.

Fred teaches the two AGS courses “Geology for Engineers” and “Engineering Geology”, and he is the Past President of the International Association of Engineering Geology and the Environment.

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