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AGS QLD – Monthly Seminar: Rock of Brisbane

Where have they come from, and what are their foibles?

Presented by Warwick Willmott

Most people working in the geotechnical field will realise that Brisbane is a rather geological diverse city, with numerous different rock units present, some of which are quite complex.

Warwick will look at the various rock units in turn, discuss where they have come from and their peculiarities, and touch upon how they may affect geotechnical conditions. Hopefully this will give a more in-depth appreciation of the materials that have to be dealt with in the profession.

About Warwick Willmott

Warwick is a geologist who studied at the University of Queensland where the course included the rocks of the Brisbane area. He first worked for the Commonwealth Bureau of Mineral Resources in Canberra in the mid-1960s on a four year program to map the rocks of Cape York Peninsula. He followed that with mineral exploration in British Columbia and a MSc in Leicester in England.

In 1972 he joined the Geological Survey of Queensland in the Department of Mines where he worked for 30 years in a variety of fields, including engineering geology, location of resources, mapping of urban areas, land use planning, and geological hazards, including landslide risks for expanding settlement on the basalt plateaus of southeast Queensland.

As a result of this broad experience, he likes to bring geology to the public, and since his retirement in 2002 has written guide books in a ‘Rocks and Landscape’ series for the Geological Society of Australia, and has assisted National Park and Council staff with information signs and brochures, as well as giving talks and excursions.

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