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The Queensland Geotechnical Database

Timothy Thompson and Jared Priddle

Join the Australian Tunneling Society and the Australian Geomechanics Society for a discussion on geotechnical databases from around the world, the process of creating the QGD, and the opportunities for its growth in support of development and research in Queensland.

The viability of any modern public geotechnical database is influenced by many factors, including the availability of logs, an area’s population density, and seismic risk. The creation of a database may be constrained by questions of liability and intellectual property, cost, or by consultants who view a public database as working to their competitive disadvantage.

The Queensland Geotechnical Database (QDU; was launched in October 2017 with a view to consolidating primarily tax and toll payer subsidised exploratory hole logs into an open platform. The QGD now includes over 1600 geotechnical investigation logs dating back to 1966, as well as links to over 20 technical papers related to sites in Queensland.

This presentation will discuss geotechnical databases around the world, the process of creating the QGD and opportunities for its growth in support of development and research in Queensland.

The evening will feature keynote presentations from established professionals Tim Thompson (Geotechnical Engineer, Arup) and Jared Priddle (Engineer and Software Developer, FSG Geotechnics and Foundations), followed by designated discussion time in the end.

About the speakers

Photo of Tim Thompson

Timothy ThompsonGeotechnical Engineer, Arup

After graduating from Purdue University, Tim was a Peace Corps volunteer in Panama where he taught land surveying to high school students. He began with Arup in New York City before moving to London for three years to work on preparations for the 2012 Olympics.

Tim arrived in Brisbane in late 2009, launching the Queensland Geotechnical Database (QGD) with Jared in 2017.

Currently, Tim undertaking part-time research with the University of Queensland and was the AGS Queensland Chair in 2016 and 2017.

Photo of Jared Priddle

Jared PriddleEngineer and Software Developer, FSG Geotechnics and Foundations Specialists

Based out of Brisbane, Jared was previously a civil design drafter before graduating from QUT in 2012 and has since then gained experience in the tendering, investigation, design, construction, and verification of building and infrastructure projects across Queensland and elsewhere.

Jared has a particular interest in GIS and programming and has applied his skills as the developer and co-founder of the Queensland Geotechnical Database.

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