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Young Geotechnical Professionals’ Evening Seminar & 18th Baden Dr Clegg Award

18th Baden Clegg Award

Joe Tom, Nicole Fiumana and Glen Spooner

The West Australian Chapter of the Australian Geomechanics Society presents the 2019 Young Geotechnical Professional Seminar Evening and 18th Dr Baden Clegg award.

Basis of the award

The award perpetuates the memory of Dr Baden Clegg (1925-1999), who was a lecturer at the University of Western Australia for around 30 years until his retirement in the mid-1980s and in recognition of his lifetime of achievement in the support and development of young geotechnical professionals. Dr Clegg was instrumental in the invention and development of both the ubiquitous Perth sand penetrometer and the Clegg Impact Hammer, both used for compaction control in earthworks and flexible pavements.

The award is presented annually to a young geotechnical engineer or geologist (under the age of 35 years) for the presentation of an outstanding 15-minute seminar on a topic of interest to the wider geotechnical community.

Most of the WA geotechnical community will be represented on the night and the speakers will be given great exposure. There will be food and drinks available before the talks and opportunities to network with representatives from various geotechnical companies.


The seminars are presented by three selected candidates, with judging by a panel of three experienced geotechnical professionals who assess the seminars for their technical content, presentation quality and presentation style.

There will be three presentations, each 15 minutes long, with 5 minutes for questions after each talk. The Dr Baden Clegg Award will be presented to the best contribution.

Pizza will be provided whilst the judges deliberate on a winner.

About the speakers

Joe TomCentre for Offshore Foundation Systems, University of Western Australia

“Whole-life fluid-structure-soil interaction of a moored wave energy device”

Nicole FiumanaCentre for Offshore Foundation Systems, University of Western Australia

“Active suction anchors for floating renewable energies”

Glen Spooner4D Geotechnics

“Guidance on the Development of Unsealed Mine Access Road Pavement Specifications using Naturally Occurring Materials in the Pilbara Region of Western Australia”

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