A numerical model for failure and collapse analysis of geostructures

H.Y. Liu

An improved understanding of geomaterial damage and failure has important implications for preventing the instability of geostructures. In this study, a three-dimensional (3D) numerical model for geomechanics and tunnelling (GeoTun3D) is developed using C++, OpenGL, Fortran and a series of libraries on the basis of our previous studies on the two-dimensional (2D) rock failure process analysis model (RFPA2D) to perform failure and collapse analysis of geo-materials and geo-structures. 3D numerical tests are conducted for unaxial compression test, Brazilian test and notched shear box test to calibrate the numerical model. The model is then applied to investigate fluid-driven crack propagation and fluid immigration in fractured rock mass in tunnelling and excavation-induced rock mass collapse and caving in coal mining and rock caving.