An improved approach to site characterisation combining geophysical and geotechnical data

Aidan Fitzallen

In response to environmental, social and climate change the demand for land and the controls on land use are increasing. Traditional site characterisation methods which incorporate drilling, testing and sampling are energy intensive, logistically challenging and time-consuming. The approach that I propose involves using geophysical technologies as well as geotechnical testing to model and characterise a site.

Improvements in data acquisition and data storage capabilities allow a geophysicist to test, characterise and model a site and report regions for further investigation in a fraction of the time of traditional site characterisation. The process requires the application of an appropriate geophysical investigation with some effective geotechnical drilling, testing and sampling to develop a direct correlation. Direct testing may then be required to confirm model estimations and anomalies.

I believe that a geotechnical professional armed with this simple method of characterisation will be better equipped to target regions that require further testing.