Australian Geomechanics – State of the Journal

Hugo E Acosta-Martínez

It is my great pleasure and honour to introduce this issue of Australian Geomechanics. Following the resignation of previous Editor Bre-Anne Sainsbury, I offered to take on the Interim Editor role from the June 2023 issue to ensure continuity of the publication. The task duration has extended and based on the work completed to produce the latter three issues of the 2023 calendar year, this brief note presents some basic journal analytics, discusses current challenges facing Australian Geomechanics and aims to encourage the membership to prepare submissions for the benefit of the readership and the wider Australian geomechanics community. The sections about challenges and initiatives include references to discussions and brainstorming exercises held during my time at the AGS National Committee (2013-2019) and input from past Chairs and committee members during that period is acknowledged.