Broons makes an impact on Qatar

Derek Avalle

The Pearl-Qatar is a multi-billion dollar off-shore island reclamation project, one of the largest real estate developments in Qatar, and the first to offer freehold investment opportunities.

Since its commencement nearly two years ago, The Pearl-Qatar has emerged as the largest island in Qatar waters. During this time, 400ha of new land have been created with a 32km shoreline, three coves, and navigable canals in addition to numerous other features. All land reclamation works were completed by October 2006 and work is moving ahead with tower and infrastructure developments.

Dredging and excavation is a complex process which, in the case of The PearlQatar, saw the use 10,000 horsepower cutter-suction dredgers (CSD) to penetrate the sea floor and excavate soil, gravel and rock. About 15,000,000m3 of material was excavated and reclaimed to create the island that will be home to some 42,000 residents by 2010. Porto Arabia, the first district of the island to be developed, is virtually sold out.

Local media releases note that, since dredging is a process that creates defined shorelines and beaches, it has been recognised as an environmentally friendly procedure which generates new opportunities for marine life to grow. The developers worked with government departments to ensure the protection and improvement of marine life.

Qatar Dredging Company (QDC), a joint venture between United Development Company (UDC), Belgium’s Dredging Environmental and Marine Engineering NV (DEME), and the State of Qatar, undertook both the reclamation dredging works and the compaction. Two Impact Rollers were supplied by Broons Hire (SA) Pty Ltd, and these have worked for most of the last 18 months to complete compaction to the required specification.