Can the Shrink-Swell Index be predicted in the Wagga Wagga Region based on Atterberg Limits?

Hoang Han Nguyen and David McMahon

Relationships between the shrink-swell index and other clay tests, such as Atterberg limits have been investigated by others however, there is not any available information for the Wagga Wagga region in NSW Australia. This study’s objective is to establish some relationships between the shrink-swell index and Atterberg limits of the soils in the Wagga Wagga region. A total of 27 samples at different locations and depths was tested for shrink-swell index, linear shrinkage, liquid limit, plastic limit, plasticity index and soil particle size distribution, using Australian Standard test methods. The results and data analysis indicated that shrink-swell index correlated with Atterberg limits. The shrink-swell index can be estimated based on a single Atterberg limit test or the combination of linear shrinkage + liquid limit and linear shrinkage + plasticity index. In conclusion, linear shrinkage and liquid limit are the reasonable prediction factors for the estimation of shrink-swell index for the soils in the Wagga Wagga region.