Collaboration In Finding Alternatives To Lime Stabilisation Of Reactive Soils

J. Surjadinata, I. Driscoll, F. Han, C. Leo and J. Hsi

Sustainability has been an active theme in recent years in the Australian construction industry and various specialist publications have highlighted the fact that everyone in the industry has a role to play.

This paper outlines the collaboration work involving geotechnical engineers from EIC Activities, a senior civil engineer from CPB Contractors, both members of CIMIC group, and academics from the University of Western Sydney to create a sustainable and reliable alternative for the stabilisation of reactive soils. It will provide an overview on the various stages of the collaboration from an initiative to reduce lime in concrete, that was the genesis of the idea, up to the recently submitted ARC linkage grant between the University of Western Sydney and the CIMIC Group. The focus on sustainability relates to lime, reactive soil, and the authors’ attempt to contribute in a sustainable and productive geotechnical practice. Detailed technical accounts will be provided at the various stages of the collaboration.