Geotechnical Challenges for Development in the Hunter Region (Part 2)

This issue continues the theme of the March edition and contains a further six papers which were presented at a mini- symposium organised by the Newcastle Chapter of the Australian Geomechanics Society in May 2005.

These papers, together with those published in the March 2005 edition, present a comprehensive insight into the many and particular issues facing the geotechnical community in the Hunter region. The papers in this edition include discussions on landfill covers and waste water management, monitoring of expansive soils and numerical modelling of slabs on expansive soils, a case study of a major road project, and a gentle reminder that historical data often provides very useful information which should not be forgotten.

The symposium organising committee did an outstanding job in encouraging the authors to produce papers which covered a range of topics of most interest to the geotechnical community, arranging for peer review of the papers, contacting sponsors for the symposium and the journal, and running the mini-symposium.