Engineers Australia

Landslide failure perspectives in practice in South East Queensland

Burt Look and Chris Thorley


Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) is one of the tools used in Landslide Risk management. Ideally its matrix approach should provide similar conclusions when used by different geotechnical professionals. However in practice some differences in interpretation and application occur. This assessment tool is examined for various case studies in south east Queensland.

By examining landslide events that have occurred with the benefit of hindsight in order to calibrate the approach, one finds that the interpretation of consequences has scope for variation in the application of this QRA tool if it is applied as is. The perception of risk governs landslide risk management in practice in Queensland. Other consequential variables also have a significant effect and may govern the result of the risk assessment process. The QRA is a decision tool with risk analysis at its core, but users must also not overemphasise the analysis in a risk assessment approach.