Lateral behaviour of pile located on top of a slope

Ramin Vali, Gholamreza Shams, Reza Porhoseini, Mohammad Saberian and Majid Beygi


The study of a pile behavior on top of the slopes is one of the cases that has been attracted more attention these days. Usually, the behavior of lateral loading piles is studied on the slopes with a range of angles. One of the more important parameters in this field is the lateral bearing capacity of piles. The main aim of this research is to evaluate the lateral bearing capacity of piles under lateral loading. Evaluation of different situation is accomplished by changing the pile length and the pile distance to the slope crest in various slope angles. The pile lateral bearing capacity, horizontal and vertical displacements of the pile head in different slope angles are compared with the flat ground. It is shown that the lateral bearing capacity changes in different slopes are dramatically affected by both the length ratio of the pile to the slope height (L/H) and the distance ratio of the pile from the slope crest (X/D). When the distance ratio of the pile from the slope crest is equal to zero, a great difference is observed from all other cases.