Methods of ground treatment for engineered solutions


Austress Menard Pty. Ltd. has developed over the last decade into one of the leading proponents in the field of Ground Engineering and Geotechnical Construction, with particular emphasis being placed on the improvement of “Soft Ground” to convert it into a “fit for purpose” structural component.

The company commenced activities as a division of Austress Freyssinet Pty. Ltd. but, with the introduction of Menard Soltraitement into the Freyssinet group, it has expanded its range of ground improvement activities far beyond those of rock anchoring and curtain grouting that were the mainstays of the early days.

In addition to natural growth and in order to strengthen the skills base and expand its product range Austress Menard has formed exclusive relationships with market leaders in their fields, entering into a license agreement with Single Bore Multiple Anchor Systems of UK and a technical assistance agreement with Geo-Solutions of USA. The former endows the rights to use the SBMA technology, a unique high capacity soil anchor system, throughout the Australasian region and the latter delivers extensive experience and support for slurry cut-off barrier technology. These arrangements along with the range of methods developed by Menard Soltraitement allow Austress Menard to provide a wide spectrum of ground treatment and improvement options.

It is important to emphasise that Austress Menard’s activities are focused on ground treatment as for instance, in slurry wall technology and ground improvement, such as CMC and Vacuum Consolidation, as distinct from the activities of a mainstream piling contractor.