Numerical modelling of a full scale reinforced embankment on deep mixing cement piles

N. H. Minh and D. T. Bergado


Finite element modeling using PLAXIS software of a full scale reinforced embankment on clay-cement deep mixing (DMM) piles foundation have been carried out based on the observation of its performance over more than one year. In order to investigate the appropriate consolidation and deformation parameters of the improved foundation, back analysis of the embankment has been done with particular attention given to the actual monitored vertical settlements, excess pore water pressures and horizontal displacements. Good agreement between the predicted and observed data has been obtained with the ratio of the permeability of clay-cement pile over that of surrounding untreated clay, kpile/ksoil of 10 and the modulus of the clay-cement material of 50 MPa, which is about 135 times the undrained shear strength of the clay-cement piles.