Pavement materials and surfacing aggregates used in road construction in Perth

Geoff Cocks and Michael Hillman


The principal materials used for base, sub base and surfacing in the construction of roads in Perth are bitumen stabilised limestone, crushed limestone, crushed granite, crushed dolerite, hydrated cement treated crushed rock base, lateritic gravel and crushed massive laterite (ferricrete). The selection of the appropriate materials for a particular project depends on factors such as the drainage environment, traffic loading, traffic speed and cost. This paper presents typical specifications, properties and applications of the materials used in road construction in Perth.

“The size of stones for a road has been described in contracts in several different ways, sometimes as the size of a hen’s egg, sometimes as at half a pound weight.” John Louden McAdam 1811.

“It is well known that the more clean and free from dirt the broken stone laid on roads is, the better”. Major-Gen Sir J Burgoyne 1844.