Response to Discussion provided by Philip Pells on the paper: Unsaturated Free-Standing Mainline Railway Embankments – Part 2

Andrew Leventhal and Tim Hull


The authors sought from the profession discussion of the merits of suction in appraisal of instability of free-standing embankments, and especially those embankments supporting major infrastructure.

The authors illustrated that the incorporation of the beneficial influences of suction within analyses was beneficial in the assessment of the likelihood of instability, as expressed through determination of Factors of Safety. The authors asked of you, the reader, to “join in the discussion, with the intention to advance the science”. We noted that we “don’t pretend to have all, or indeed any, of the answers”, and looked forward to your contributions.

Philip Pells has responded to the authors’ request for that discussion. We are appreciative and thank him for his time and effort.