Shear Strength and Modulus of Mine Waste Rock – Large Scale Laboratory Testing Results

Dong Wang, Tim Nash, Tim Sullivan and David Thurstun

This paper presents the sampling and laboratory testing results of mine waste rock consisting of limestone, siltstone, and intrusive materials collected from the Ok Tedi open pit mine in Papua New Guinea. The laboratory tests included specific gravity measurements, index testing, large-scale direct shear tests using a 720 mm square direct shear apparatus, large- scale consolidation tests using a 550 mm diameter consolidation apparatus, and shear wave velocity tests conducted on compressed waste rock samples. The obtained strength values, as well as small and larger strain modulus values, were subsequently compared with existing literature data from the literature. These findings can serve as a valuable reference for mine waste materials with similar lithology, particle size distribution, and stress condition, particularly in the context of static and seismic slope stability designs.