Significance of considering soil-structure interaction effects on seismic design of unbraced building frames resting on soft soils

Hamid Reza Tabatabaiefar and Timothy Clifton


The current study carries out a comprehensive critical review on available and well-known research studies in the area of seismic behaviour of braced and unbraced building structures affected by soil-structure interaction (SSI). Based on the current review outcomes, it has become apparent that considering effects of SSI in seismic design of braced building structures is not necessary and assuming fixed-base structure is deemed to be conservative. However, SSI effects can amplify the lateral deflections and corresponding inter-storey drifts of unbraced building structures founding on soft grounds, forcing the structure to behave in the inelastic range, resulting in severe damage of the building structures. Consequently, seismic design procedure of unbraced building structures founding on soft soils without taking into account detrimental influences of SSI cannot adequately assure structural sufficiency and safety for the benefit of the community.