Technical note: Tasmanian Rock Temperature

P. B. Hills

A side benefit to the measurement of rock stress using Hollow Inclusion (HI) Cells is the opportunity they present to gather data on rock temperature. In the course of compiling a recent summary of Tasmanian rock stress from HI Cell measurements undertaken over a 40 year period from 1975-2015 (Hills, 2020), a database of 33 measurements from nine sites across Tasmania was compiled. The data covers a depth range from 78-1625 m below surface at a vertical interval generally less than 40 m, with most data points the average of two or three separate observations.

This technical note serves to make the data available in the literature. It does not seek to discuss the potential for geothermal energy in Tasmania although it does provide a comparison with some published data that was obtained for that purpose. There is no associated heat flux or thermal conductivity information associated with the HI Cell data. However, it might prove useful in future planning of ventilation requirements and systems for underground mines and civil engineering projects in Tasmania.