The Engineering Geology of Perth, Part 1 – Key Figures


Key Figures 1-4 are reproduced from Davidson, W. A., 1995, Hydrogeology and groundwater resources of the Perth Region, Western Australia: Western Australia Geological Survey, Bulletin 142, 257p. Figures 1, 4, 23, and 22. Reproduced with the permission of the Geological Survey of Western Australia. Key Figure 6 is reproduced with the permission of DOLA.

Offshore reefs, the dredged channels into Cockburn Sound, the Swan and Canning Rivers, the Airport, many of the city’s golf courses and the north-south chain of interdunal and swale lakes can be clearly seen. A number of the reservoirs supplying water to the city can also be seen along the eastern edge of the image in State Forest. Satellite Imagery supplied by Department of Land Information, Western Australia, P340.