Three-dimensional geometric modelling for the construction of the north-west corner of the Port Botany Expansion Project

Keiran Wright


The Port Botany Expansion (PBE) project involves the construction of an extension to the existing port in Botany Bay, Sydney. A new Tug Berth is located in the North-West corner of this port expansion, and provides berthing for tug vessels associated with the operation of the port. The design and construction of this berth and the North-West corner of the PBE project was heavily constrained by the geometric requirements of the project. This geometric complexity posed significant challenges in the staging of construction. As a consequence, three dimensional (3D) construction staging models were developed by the design team to assist in knowledge transfer through the construction process. The modelling process also allowed for greater efficiency by minimising dredge volumes, and the application of quality controls throughout construction. This paper discusses the development of these staging models, and the benefits that were seen on the project as a result. It also presents some lessons learnt through the design and construction process which could be beneficial for similar future projects.