West Pilbara Iron Ore Project, Port off-loading facility, Anketell Point, Western Australia

Tony Gourlay, Ben Follett, Gavin Wearne, Bob Lamont-Smith and Peter MacKenzie


API Management Pty Ltd (API), a 50/50 Joint Venture between Aquila Resources and AMCI propose to construct a multi-user port off-loading facility at Anketell Point in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, which will form part of the West Pilbara Iron Ore Project (WPIOP). The port off-loading facility will have an initial iron ore handling capacity of 30 million tonnes per annum.

This paper describes the nearshore geotechnical investigations that have been completed at Anketell Point. It outlines the purpose of the investigations and provides a geotechnical account of the planning, occupational health and safety and operational aspects of the investigations that led to the successful completion and factual geotechnical reporting of the investigations within program and budget. An overview of the logging, field testing, on site sub-sampling, laboratory testing and the ground conditions is provided.