Sydney Chapter

Reducing Slope Risk on Lawrence Hargrave Drive

Alan Moon, Senior Principal, Coffey Geotechnics

Lawrence Hargrave Drive north of Wollongong is one of the most scenic coastal roads in New South Wales. Several years ago a section of the road was judged to have the highest slope risk in the state with a long history of rock falls, debris flows, embankment failures and road closures. In 2003, the State Government closed the road and the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) signed an alliance agreement with Barclay Mowlem, Coffey and Maunsell to investigate options and design and carry out a major project to upgrade the road. The project, including the spectacular Sea Cliff Bridge, was completed in late 2005 and has become a major tourist attraction.

The presentation by Alan Moon will deal with geotechnical aspects of the project including the hazard investigation, risk assessment and adopted solutions which included bridges, extensive slope stabilisation and protection works. There is particular emphasis on understanding the slope hazards and the risk assessment.

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