Western Australia Chapter

Seminar on the Engineering Geology of WA

Fred Baynes, Bruce Bulley, John F Kennedy, Mark Eggers and Local Speakers

The Western Australian Chapter of the Australian Geomechanics Society (AGS) provides advance notice of a seminar to be held on the Engineering Geology of Western Australia.

This seminar will present an overview of the engineering geology of WA and will look at geological conditions, geomorphology and geohazards unique to the region and how these conditions influence engineering projects. Example geological settings of WA include gilgai, carbonates, collapsible soils, laterites, palaeochannels, tidal mudflats, granites, intrusive dolerite dykes, faulting and offshore turbidite sequences.

The seminar aims to educate engineers and geologists about the characteristics of various soil and rock formations present in Western Australia and provide case studies that demonstrate the engineering challenges presented by these materials. The seminar will include presentations by invited speakers who have many years of experience working in Western Australia and a variety of local presenters to cover a range of topics.

Fred Baynes has been practicing for over 30 years and has been involved in a wide variety of projects throughout the world as an expert engineering geologist, including review of major civil, mining and oil and gas projects, specialist advice on investigation, design and construction, and various research programmes. Projects include: expert review of hydro-power scheme for World Bank, offshore oil and gas infrastructure, investigations for pipelines and processing plants, regional landslide risk assessments, development of landslide risk management systems, rockfall barrier design, railway investigation design and construction, tailings dam investigations, construction materials, quarry assessments, underground works etc.

Bruce Bulley is a Principal Engineering Geologist with GHD Pty Ltd in Perth. He has been involved in a number of dams and dam related projects in Western Australia during the past 16 years. Many of these projects have included geotechnical investigation, design input and construction for major Water Corporation dams in the south-west of the state, including Harvey, Waroona, Stirling, Wellington, Serpentine, Canning, Logue Brook, Drake’s Brook, Mundaring, Bolganup, Wungong, Millstream, Pinwernyng and Samson Brook Dams.

He has also been involved in dam projects in southern Africa, South-East Asia and the Middle East. Bruce will present some of the more interesting geotechnical features and events from his experience with dams in WA and will also relate this to similar conditions in other parts of the world.

John F Kennedy is a professional engineering geologist with over 20 years’ experience, He has been involved in various projects across Australia and overseas, with special focus on Western Australia.

As one of the first site based engineering geologists working in open pits in the Kalgoorlie region in 1990 and 1991, John recognised the need for specialists in the application of engineering geology to all aspects of mining projects.

In 1996, John formed 4DGeotechnics Pty Ltd (originally John F Kennedy & Associates Pty Ltd) to focus on providing consulting engineering geological services to major mining and engineering companies. By 2012, 4DG has established offices in Perth and Brisbane, Queensland, and employees in excess of 60 staff and remains strongly focused on engineering geology.

Over the last 20 years John has proven that the application of engineering geology to a wide range of projects from concept stage, through investigation, design, construction and operation can result in successful delivery, even in the most challenging and complex circumstances.

Mark Eggers is a Principal at Pells Sullivan and Meynink and has been practicing as an engineering geologist for over 20 years both in New Zealand and Australia. He specialises in open pit mining Geotechnics, development of geotechnical models in complex settings for civil and mining projects, structural geological investigations for hard and soft rock design, slope stability investigation and assessment, engineering geomorphological studies, landform/terrain evaluations and urban capability assessments.

Local Speakers

Papers will also be presented by a number of prominent local geotechnical practitioners. These cover topics such as seismic hazards, use of natural materials in pavements, karstic limestone and dams.


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