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Australian Geomechanics
Volume 49, Number 4

December 2014

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  • Cover

  • Contents

  • Introduction to the 'CGSE Special Issue' of Australian Geomechanics

  • Advancing Australia's facilities for physical modelling in geotechnics

  • In situ testing at the National Soft Soil Field Testing Facility, Ballina, New South Wales

  • Sampling and laboratory testing of Ballina Clay

  • Spacial variability of the soil at the Ballina National Field Test Facility

  • Experimental and numerical investigation of rate and softening effects on the undrained shear strength of Ballina Clay

  • Advances in offshore and onshore anchoring solutions

  • Analysis of installation forces for helical piles in clay

  • Frontiers in deepwater geotechnics: Optimising geotechnical design of subsea foundations

  • Use of shock mats for enhanced stability of railroad track foundation

  • Effect of ballast contamination on the behaviour of track substructure

  • Assessment of the post-compaction characteristics of a silty sand

  • Dynamic embedment of projectiles in clay

  • Modelling ploughing and cutting processes in soils

  • Ocean-structure-seabed interaction: O-tube modelling of pipeline stability

  • Large strain coupled analysis of geotechnical problems using high-order elements

  • DEM modelling of methane hydrate bearing sand

  • Soft clay properties for non-Darcian radial drainage with vacuum preloading, based on Rowe cell testing

  • Use of Bayesian statistics with the observational method

  • Reply to discussion on paper 'Engineering design and earthworks aspects related to basaltic clays in Victoria'