In situ testing at the National Soft Soil Field Testing Facility, Ballina, New South Wales

R. Kelly, C.D. O’Loughlin, L. Bates, S.M. Gourvenec, C. Colreavy, D.J. White, F.M. Gaone, J.P. Doherty and M.F. Randolph


The National Soft Soil Field Testing Facility (NFTF) provides a rare opportunity to characterise an Australian soft estuarine clay and to carry out monitored field tests that can be forecast or back-figured using the extensive characterisation data to improve engineering design methods. Several in situ testing campaigns have been performed to characterise the site, to advance full-flow penetrometer technology, to investigate correlations between in situ and laboratory tests and to develop engineering parameters and to assess the variability of the ground. A description of the tools and methods used in the testing campaign is provided in this paper along with a preliminary interpretation from the testing campaigns.