Implementation Of Landslide Risk Management On The City Of Gold Coast

Mehran Sadegh-Vaziri and Brett Taylor

This paper presents a practical example of implementation of Landslide Risk Management on the city of Gold Coast based on a quantitative method of soil instability hazard rating recently developed (MacGregor & Taylor, 2001).

Gold Coast City Council (GCCC) and Snowy Mountain Engineering Corporation (SMEC) used this quantitative method of landslide hazard zoning and implemented it to the whole city of the Gold Coast, approximately some 1450km2. The results of this method, were compared with at least three other landslide-zoning studies for the city.

The result of the study has been incorporated into the GCCC’s Geographical Information System (GIS) database since March 2000 and is successfully and consistently being used daily by Council employees, geotechnical consulting engineers, solicitors, land owners, potential land buyers and other members of the public.