Engineers Australia

Australian Geomechanics
Volume 37, Number 2

May 2002

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  • Cover

  • Contents

  • Landslide risk management concepts and guidelines

  • Discussion: "Landslide risk management concepts and guidelines"

  • Response to discussion by Garth Powell

  • Landslide risk management - Letters to the Editor

  • Estimation of travel distance for landslides in soil slopes

  • Probability calculations for a number of events

  • Relating qualitative and quantitative frequencies and probabilities for landslide risk assessment

  • An example of semi-quantitative landslide risk management for an individual lot in Northern Sydney

  • An example of qualitative and semi-quantitative landslide risk management for an individual lot in the Wollongong Area

  • The RTA Guide to slope risk analysis Version 3.1

  • A study of the accuracy and precision of some landslide risk analyses

  • Frequency of landsliding as part of risk assessment

  • Quantitative risk assessment of the Thredbo Landslide

  • Landslide risk assessment for Geehi aqueduct, Snowy Mountains

  • Implementing the AGS Lanslide Risk Management Guidelines in a municipal planning scheme - A case study in the Colac Otway Shire, Victoria

  • Risk analysis of the proposed Hides LNG Pipeline, Papua New Guinea

  • Implementation of landslide risk management on the City of Gold Coast